Dispensing solutions

"We can not teach people any thing, we can only help them to discover it within themselves." Galileo Galilei

Dispensing solutions

Prasar attempts, not just to highlight the social stigmas and related concerns, but to provide the parallel comprehension to them.

Social stigmas are created to restrict the authority of someone from exercising their right to hold different opinions. Mindsets are subject to judgements but one must learn to avoid them by noticing the judgemental statements in head each time they enter your head. When someone is stigmatized, they are made to feel outcast and are treated differently from the group stigmatising them. In social lingo, stigma is attached to anything and everything considered to be alien from what is believed. Bearing stigma is not easy, communities and people undergo high levels of emotional and physiological discredit due to this and at times, are openly condemned. The lack of proper education relating to physical and psychological issues can lead to squeezed understanding about the prevailing concerns. Our understanding is flawed by disorganised social construct. Stratified society furthers the discrimation based on race, gender etc., which leads to defined stigmatization in society. Therefore, one must avoid falling in the trap of social construct.

We will frame and process the strategies in order to provide a helping hand to masses in need.

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Prasar Foundation, is a Delhi based Non Profit Organisation devoted for the cause of educating the masses in general and youth in particular about the need to think beyond the stereotypical notions scoring around physical issues of women, sex education and related problems.

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