Fallacious Social Construct

"Be yourself, everyone else is already taken" Oscar Wilde

Fallacious Social Construct

The prescribed customs and notions about a social setting adopted by the inhabitants of that society culminates in what came to be known as the social construction. We, at Prasar, visions of a society devoid of flawed standards of feminine and masculine. Social construction varies from society to society and is advocated through events a society experience. These notions are set in order to conventionally train an individual to conduct in a certain way, in order to find necessary way to acceptance in society. This in turn, overstates gender specific roles and imposes on individuals the flawed concepts of conducting in an appropriate way, which defines the attitude and understanding about gendered stereotypes. Masculine and feminine objectivity is thrown at sexes to realise what is right and what is wrong for them to do.

Men don't cry, women need male protection, women can't drive, men are born strong and are required to earn a living for family and women must take care of household , are some of the few stereotypes about gendered roles in society. These stereotypes furthers the discrimination and unequal treatment of women at work and social settings as she is not considered capable enough of handling the jobs requiring leadership and physical strength, thereby, underrating the possession of her abilities.

Not just opinions, body and sexuality are stereotyped as well. To look a certain way, is the most common of all. A woman is required to have a conventional body type as different from a man and this further differentiates between body standards of men and women.

Prasar attempts to create a healthy space for individuals to be able to voice their minds.

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Prasar Foundation, is a Delhi based Non Profit Organisation devoted for the cause of educating the masses in general and youth in particular about the need to think beyond the stereotypical notions scoring around physical issues of women, sex education and related problems.

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