Our Team

We are an enthusiastic team of eight individuals.

Sonia Tewari

Managing Founder & President

She is a visionary, and dedicated woman possessing experience in social sector . She aims at altering the reasoning process in masses in general and youth in particular.

Anupama Sharma

Managing Director and Special Educator

A public speaker and creative writer, she holds decent experience in advocating her mindset efficiently. She endorses exercising one's own opinion devoid of stereotypes.

Pavitr Mittal

Vice President / Marketing Manager

He is ardent and persevering in his work. Since he possess required set of skills for subject matter, he aims for excellence to make our cause a success.

Himanshu Singla

Treasurer/ Accounts Analyst

Accounts Analyst to Prasar, his command over financial literacy enables him to have a better understanding of the financial standards available in market.

Gunjan Lagwal

Social Coordinator

Social coordinator to Prasar, she is highly committed to her work. Her zeal to serve the society further enables her to target efficiency.

Himanshi Kaushik

Legal Advisor

Legal Advisor to Prasar, she is an Advocate by profession. She attempts to effectively picture our causes at constitutional level.

Prasar Foundation, is a Delhi based Non Profit Organisation devoted for the cause of educating the masses in general and youth in particular about the need to think beyond the stereotypical notions scoring around physical issues of women, sex education and related problems.

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